Water supply and sewerage
Kavaja – Albania

Country: Albania
Period: 10/2007 – 03/2011
Employer: UK Kavaja –
Water and Sewerage Company


In the period from 2003-2007, the water supply and sewerage systems of Kavaja were rehabilitated and improved within the framework of German development cooperation. The implemented project comprised the construction of the water treatment plant Manskuria and a new wastewater treatment plant for Kavaja and the adjoining villages.

IMS was responsible for implementing supplementing measures subsequent to the main project in order to safeguard the facilities’ sustainable operation. These measures comprise concepts, tendering, supervision and the commissioning of a sand-wash plant for the water treatment facility. A concept for the sustainable treatment and disposal of the sewage sludge was prepared and implemented, comprising the supply of a sludge removal device and tankers for the agricultural use of sewage sludge. Furthermore, a sludge reed bed plant was designed and implemented for the ecological treatment of the sewage sludge.


  • Preparation of a sewage sludge disposal concept
  • Design, tendering, supervision and commissioning of a sand-wash plant
  • Tendering and supervision of the procurement of sludge treatment facilities
  • Design, tendering and supervision of a sludge reed bed plant
  • Preparation of manuals for the sustainable operation of the sewage sludge facilities