Rehabilitation of Communal Infrastructure in Batumi Project Identification and Project Preparation

Country: Georgia
Period: 10/2010 – 11/2010
Employer: KfW Development Bank
Investment Volume: EUR 44 Mio

Project description:

Within the framework of German-Georgian Financial Cooperation and co-finaning by KfW Development Bank, the municipality of Batumi on the Black Sea is in the process of rehabilitating its communal infrastructure for water supply and sewerage. Implementation of Phases I and II of the project with an investment volume of EUR 72 million commenced in 2008.

During the initial phases of the project it became apparent, that due to the tremendous needs and deficiencies in the water sector an additional third project phase would be necessary. To define appropriate project measures for Phase III and to prepare information required for the subsequent project appraisal mission a fact finding mission was conducted by IMS in close cooperation with the Project Executing Agency.

Proposed measures in Phase III aim at rehabilitating water resources and ensuring loss reduction of the networks in order to achieve a sustainable and secure water supply in Batumi. Furthermore supplementing improvement measures in the water supply and sanitation networks have been identified, as well as the necessity to implement additional stages of the wastewater treatment plant. Activities proposed in Phase III of the project will require an investment of EUR 44 million.

Services of IMS-Ingenieure:

  • Development of a project concept and definition of appropriate project components
  • Water balance and assessment of non-revenue water
  • Cost estimates of the proposed project components
  • Calculation of investment cost and operation cost
  • Tariff calculation
  • Calculation of dynamic prime costs and cash flow