Technical Audit Municipal Infrastructure Programme IV - Suceava

Country: Romania
Period: 08/2009 – 12/20111
Employer: ACET Suceava
KfW Development Bank
Investment Volume: EUR 44,6 Mio,

Project Description:

Within the framework of the EU-sponsored ISPA programme, water supply and wastewater disposal facilities are being rehabilitated and improved in Romanian towns. In Suceava, in the North-East of Romania, the rehabilitation and extension of the water supply and sewerage networks, as well as the reconstruction of a wastewater treatment plant are being implemented as part of the programme, which is co-financed by KfW Development Bank.

The water supply components comprise the construction of several pumping stations and reservoirs, the rehabilitation of a well-field and the laying of about 46 km supply pipes.

In addition, some 30 km of the sewerage system is being rehabilitated and extended, and supplemented with the construction of 2 rain-water retention basins.

A wastewater treatment plant with advanced biological treatment and anaerobic sludge digestion with a capacity of 140,000 PE is being constructed on the site of the existing, outdated treatment plant.

Services provided by IMS:

IMS provides services for project monitoring, focusing on time and quality control during implementation of the work, comprising:

  • Follow-up of project progress and timely implementation
  • Cost- and quality control during implementation
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Review of tariff adaptation
  • Review of achievement of project objectives