WWTP Yantai – Extension of Secondary Treatment

Country: China
Period: 05/2007 – 03/2011
Employer: Yantai Sewage Disposal Admininistration Division
Investitionsvolumen: EUR 10 Mio (FZ Anteil)


The existing WWTP Taoziwan in Yantai was co-financed under Sino-German FC and put into operation in 1998, with a design capacity for the mechanical treatment of 250,000 m³/d.

The extension project comprised the adaptation of the design capacity to 200,000 m³/d and the implementation of a new biological stage with a capacity of 160,000 m³/d. The existing biological stage of 40,000 m³/d was rehabilitated and improved. The sludge treatment of the WWTP was rehabilitated and then placed into operation as part of the extension project.

The sewage sludge disposal problem has been solved by implementation of sludge co-incineration facilities in the nearby Qingquan Coal Power Plant.


The services provided by the team of IMS comprise:t:

  • Review of the Feasibility Study
  • Review of design and tender documents
  • Monitoring of tendering, tender evaluation and contracting
  • Assistance during construction phase
  • Preparation of the sewage sludge co-incineration concept, as well as design and preparation of the tender documents for the co-incineration plant
  • Preparation of a service contract to be concluded between the operating entities of the wastewater treatment plant and the power plant